This is for MP4 and MP3 player support.  AMV and MTV converters are availbae here.  I have this site available using the money out of my own pocket.  I do not get paid for this, nor do I expect to.  But donations would be nice so that I can keep this site going.  I am about the only person you can go to, to get online tech support at almost any time.  I will no longer answer E-mails regarding firmwares and AMV tool support.  If you need to contact me then post a topic in my forums.  I have been getting too many Emails and can no longer keep up with the load.
Use these tools at your own risk.I take no resposibility for damaged MP3 players
MP4 Tools and How to's
MTV Tools 3.13
NEW!! AMV Tools 4.00
Way to get a free Ipod
Mega codec pack...choose hyper
Slipknot video in .amv format
S1fwx program NEW!!!!
My video in .MTV format
Logo Editor
How to Extract/Repair Firmware
How to Change Logo's
Dead Recovery Guide
Advanced Guides How to fix your volume button for F/W 3.2.16
Memory Decreasing Problem
Test F/W 3.2.69
I think the way the free Ipod thing works after I have five people click the link, sign up, then complete an offer I get a free Ipod.  I just clicked on a credit card offer since I have bad credit anyway, they won't give me one.  But if all you need is five people to complete the offer I think it would be easy to do.  I don't think this is a scam so if it does work I will let you know imeadiately.  But I need five people to sign up and complete just one offer.  I would realy appreciate it, As I am doing this site for free.
This is a test F/W that I made.  It works with type A1 players.  IT IS NOT FOR 1.5" PLAYERS!!!!!It will play .amv files and it will also go dark when you play MP3's, so you can save on batteries.  The picture viewer is actually the .amv player.  The picture viewer is the AMV player now.  USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!! 
                                         s1fwx tutorial

s1fwx x 3.2.16.bin       this will extract all of your files in the f/w
s1fwx x fwimage.fw     this will extract all of the files in fwimage.fw
s1fwx s 3.2.16.bin > new.script    this makes a script of the F/W .bin file
s1fwx s fwimage.fw > fw.script    this makes a script from your fwimage.fw
this will get all of your files out and make the scripts you need to edit.  Open these .script files with notepad.  After you have edted them you need to put them back together.
s1fwx a fwimage.fw:fw < fw.script   this will make a new fwiamge.fw file for you
s1fwx a new3.2.16.bin:afi < new.script  This will make your final F/W.  I added the word new in front of it so youu know what the origninal is from the new one.  keep in mind that you have to open the s1fwx program from a command prompt.  go to Start, then run, then type cmd.  This brings up your command prompt and go to the folder where your s1fwx program is and make sure your F/W is in the same folder.